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Gay Rights Attorney Arizona

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Gay Rights Attorney Arizona

Gay Rights Attorney Arizona


GayFriendly Attorney

Gay Rights Attorney Arizona – At the Law Firm of Marc J. Victor, we understand that LGBT couples and their families face the same issues as other families. We have a long history of standing up for the rights of all people and represent everyone equally including those from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Should you find yourself in need of an attorney to represent you in a criminal, personal injury or civil rights matter, contact us for the representation you deserve. The attorneys at Marc J. Victor, P.C. represent all clients in all matters the way they would like to be represented themselves; with a commitment to excellence.

We can assist you with all your criminal, personal injury or civil rights law needs for you and your partner. Expert guidance is of utmost importance as you go through this process to protect your rights.

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Attorney Marc J. Victor on Marriage Rights

We help families, like yours, deal with legal matters. If you have questions about your rights and the limits of those rights, our attorneys are prepared to answer them.  Gay and lesbian couples may have unique legal needs and deserve access to high-quality law representation.

We Promise:

  • Honest, straight-forward advice;
  • Updates on the progress of your case;
  • To be accessible for consultations;
  • To promptly return phone calls;
  • Detailed explanations without legalese; and
  • An aggressive representation.


Arizona Gay-Friendly Attorney is the front-runner of passionately being committed to the pursuit of equal justice and fair treatment for members of the LGBT community. If you or your partner need assistance with LGBT law matters, please contact the Law Firm of Marc J. Victor to schedule an Appointment. – Gay Rights Attorney Arizona

Think you may have a civil rights, police abuse or police misconduct claim? If so, fill out our Civil Rights intake form below and we will review your matter for free and let you know if you have a claim we would accept and under what conditions.

Gay Rights Attorney Arizona


Gay Rights Attorney