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Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel

Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel

Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel; Possible Road Rage Video Shocks and Highlights Risk of Not Controlling Anger Behind the Wheel. Today’s guest blog is by The Cooper Law Firm in Texas. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Marc J. Victor, P.C.

TEXARKANA, Texas. We’ve all experienced it from time to time—rude behavior on the road. You get cut off by another car, another driver tailgates or flashes their lights. This behavior can rightfully make us angry. Yet, when drivers fail to control their anger, they can put not only themselves but others in a dangerous or even deadly situation. Road rage is never the answer.

Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel

According to the Washington Post, a recently released video of apparent road rage highlights how quickly a road rage incident can escalate into an accident. The video depicts a motorcyclist and a silver sedan driving side by side. The silver sedan gets close to the motorcyclist, who kicks the vehicle. This is bad enough, but then, the silver sedan appears to purposely veer toward the motorcyclist; almost knocking him onto a median. The silver sedan then loses control, crashing into a median before veering off toward the middle of the road and hitting an SUV, causing it to roll over. Despite the sheer violence of the accident, no one was killed, though the driver of the SUV suffered injuries.

Who is at fault in this accident? The driver of the motorcycle left the scene, making this crash a hit and run. At the end of the day, road rage can lead to injuries, accidents, and even death. Individuals who act in rage could be held responsible for their actions behind the wheel. If another person is injured or killed, they or their family may be entitled to seek damages from the negligent party. The Cooper Law Firm are Texarkana, Texas car accident lawyers who work with families and victims who have been hurt due to a range of crashes, including accidents involving road rage.

Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel

Road rage can negatively impact everyone involved. So, how can you better manage anger on the road? According to Psychology Today, there are several things individuals can consider when anger strikes. For instance, it is important to remember that most drivers are not acting purposefully to harm you. Most of the time, rude behavior is the result of someone who is just rushed, or stressed, or not fully paying attention. Another thing to consider is the underlying reasons why people commit acts of road rage. Some erroneously believe that they will be able to “teach the other driver a lesson.” Anger or retaliation seldom does anything but perpetuate anger and people rarely change because someone tells them they should.

In general, if you witness an act of dangerous or rude driving, your best bet is to either report the situation to the police or to be grateful that no one was hurt and to carry on. However, if you or a loved one was hurt due to an act of road rage or due to negligence, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering damages. Visit The Cooper Law Firm to learn more about your rights.


Road Rage Risks - Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel

Road Rage Risks – Dangers of Anger Behind the Wheel





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