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Attorney Retainer Cost

Attorney Retainer Cost

Attorney Retainer Cost – The Arizona Attorney on Retainers program at the Attorneys ForFreedomLaw Firm is an opportunity to have all our attorneys standing by in the event you ever need either criminal defense representation or legal help in many other areas of civil law without paying the standard rates charged by many firms.

As a member of the Attorney on Retainer program, you can immediately obtain the professional legal services of our attorneys at a drastically reduced and extremely affordable rate.  All our attorneys are admitted to practice law only in Arizona. This website is regulated by the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct.

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Attorney Retainer Cost

Attorney Retainer Cost – Thumbing through the phone book or surfing the internet for legal help is not the best way to select an attorney.  Don’t trust your legal problem to an attorney you know nothing about.

The Attorney on Retainer program at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm is an opportunity to both secure a trusted law firm and to avoid paying outrageously high legal fees.

Why Hire an Attorney on Retainer?

  • An affordable way to have our attorneys on retainer

  • Have an existing attorney-client relationship at all times
  • Immediate access to  one of our qualified staff attorneys for emergency situations

  • Get top rated attorneys without paying the top fees

  • Dramatically discounted rates for both criminal and civil matters
  • Free comprehensive 1-hour consultations on legal matters
  • Ability to get help from your law firm when needed
The Attorney on Retainer Philosophy
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How It Works

Attorney Retainer Cost – Members of the Attorney on Retainer program will have an established attorney-client relationship with the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm such that the law firm remains available for legal representation in the event eligible legal services are needed by the Member. In addition, Members are entitled to drastically reduced hourly rates of $175.00 an hour or contingency fee rates (when permitted) for any of the applicable legal services. The non-refundable earned on receipt retainer fee to be a Member of the Attorney on Retainer program is only $19.95 per month, after the initial sign up fee of $99.95 for the first month. * Eligible legal services are 1) services provided in Arizona or in such other jurisdictions where local counsel can be retained: and 2) subject to the Firm"s clearing of conflicts of interest.

Examples Legal Matters Covered

Civil Law

Attorney Retainer Cost – In today’s world, virtually anyone can sue anyone else for almost anything.  We all engage in countless transactions based either in an expressed or implied contract.  Many lawsuits arise from some alleged breach of contract over terms that are unclear at best.  Having an attorney standing by at the beginning of a dispute can sometimes resolve it before unnecessary litigation ensues.  If litigation does occur, an attorney still is an indispensable requirement for a just outcome.

In addition to contract matters, negligence is also a common source of countless lawsuits.  All people have an obligation to act reasonably.  When another person’s unreasonable actions cause harm, a lawsuit, or a good faith threat of a lawsuit, may be necessary.  Having an attorney standing by to defend your actions can sometimes be a deterrent to an otherwise expensive lawsuit.

Civil litigation is almost always an expensive proposition.  Having an attorney you trust standing by to advise you about your options and best course of action, can avoid lots of costly mistakes that are even more costly to correct later.

Although there are other prepaid legal plans available, with those plans you have no idea who will be selected as your attorney should you have a need for an attorney in the civil law arena.  Civil litigation and all the possibly life-changing financial implications are simply too important to trust to just any lawyer.  The lawyers at the law firm of Marc J. Victor, P.C. will guide you through it in the most cost-effective and stress-free way possible. – Attorney Retainer Cost

Criminal Law

Attorney Retainer Cost – Over the past several decades, life in the United States has changed drastically.  We have changed from the “Land of the Free” to the “Land of the Incarcerated.”  Today, the United States leads the entire world in incarceration rates.  Sadly, Arizona is among the top 12 states in incarceration rates in the United States.

Even peaceful honest people can be rapidly swept up into the criminal justice system on any number of victimless crimes.  Overcharging of criminal offenses is now a common occurrence and the number of mandatory prison crimes is ever growing.  Although many public defenders are highly skilled competent attorneys, their heavy case loads, and underfunded budgets can present countless challenges in spending the time necessary to offer the level of representation expected by many criminal defendants.  Moreover, the risk of an overworked or misguided prosecutor overcharging or unjustly prosecuting is an ever-present concern.  It is no secret that innocent people sometimes get convicted.

The realities of living in America today mean a high number of people will need a criminal defense attorney at some time for themselves or a loved one.  Waiting until that moment arises to identify and retain a qualified criminal defense attorney can be chaotic and extremely expensive.   Although there are other prepaid legal plans available, with those plans you have no idea who will be selected as your criminal defense attorney.  Your freedom, or the freedom of a loved one, is too important to trust to just any criminal defense attorney. – Attorney Retainer Cost

Monthly Fee for Membership

Attorney Retainer Cost – The non-refundable earned on receipt retainer fee to be a Member of the Attorneys on Retainer program is $19.95 per month. This monthly fee assures the Firms availability for members and is not a flat fee for legal services. Hourly fees for services are in addition to the monthly retainer fee. Clients may terminate the membership at any time upon written notice to the firm. Once the attorney/client relationship is terminated the firm will move to withdraw as Clients counsel in all pending matters.

The hourly rate applies to legal fees only. Necessary and pre-approved expenses (such as transcripts, filing fees, and expert witness costs) are billed separately. Legal representation outside of the State of Arizona requires an additional fee for local counsel, as well as seeking pro hac vice admission where permitted. The attorneys currently employed at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm are admitted to practice law only in Arizona. The event giving rise to criminal prosecution must occur after membership in the program is paid in order for the reduced hourly rate to apply. All monthly retainer fees are only to ensure the attorney"s availability and are not a flat fee for certain services. As such, all fees are earned on receipt and non-refundable.  Members must deposit sufficient funds in the trust account to commence legal representation and replenish as necessary. – Attorney Retainer Cost

Reduced Legal Fees

Attorney Retainer Cost – For matters appropriate for hourly rates, Members are eligible to obtain applicable legal services from the law firm at the reduced hourly rate of $175.00 per hour instead of the normal hourly rate of $450 – $650.00 per hour for legal fees.  For matters eligible for contingency fees, Members are entitled to the reduced initial contingency fee rate of 25% through settlement (33% if the case goes to trial) instead of the normal initial contingency fee rate of 33% or 45% (for trial) depending on the nature of the matter.

All members will receive the same professional legal representation and personal attention from the staff as clients who pay the regular hourly or contingency rates.

In addition to substantially reduced legal fees, all Members of the Attorneys on Retainer program will also receive the following:

  • Free initial consultation with our attorneys on pending criminal matters

  • Ongoing scheduled consultation time with one of our qualified staff attorneys

  • Breach of Contract matters (Plaintiff or Defendant)
  • Legal representation if sued for Personal Injury or Property Damage
  • Order of Protection matters (Petitioner or Respondent)
  • Injunction Against Harassment matters (Petitioner or Respondent)
  • Criminal Rule 32 Post-Conviction Relief matters
  • Motion to Designate as Misdemeanor
  • Motions to Terminate Probation
  • Motions to Set Aside Judgment of Conviction
  • Petitions to Clear Record
  • Letter writing in any legal or pre-litigation matter
  • Formally charged Criminal Defense matters at the trial level
  • Criminal Appeals or Post Conviction matters
  • Legally appropriate Plaintiff’s Personal Injury matters
  • Legally appropriate Plaintiff’s Medical Malpractice matters
  • Legally appropriate Plaintiff’s Civil Rights matters